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Covingham Park Primary School

Caring for Pupils, Promoting Success


The curriculum at Covingham Park Primary School


Caring for Pupils, Promoting Success


We strongly believe that all children’s achievements are valued and celebrated; we also believe that children’s well-being is paramount in ensuring they are ready to learn and succeed in the classroom and beyond.


As a team, we know children well, invest resources in developing their emotional well-being and appreciate the value of experiences such as visits, visitors, sporting and community events. We are a welcoming, ‘happy, harmonious’ school where staff care for children.


We are also a proactive school where staff are forward thinking and always looking at ways to improve the curriculum we offer to ensure children’s success. Our curriculum is responsive to the needs of our children, helping prepare them for the next stage of their education.


Knowledgeable subject leaders are responsible for designing their area of the curriculum to support staff to plan and deliver planned progression and develop our four school drivers of:

  • Aspiration
  • Independence
  • Community
  • Enquiry


We know the importance of planned progression in individual subjects as well as making meaningful links between different areas for the curriculum. We have focus terms for aspects of our curriculum, this enables children to study subjects in depth and increase their understanding in these areas.

Our learning is divided into 3 main themes:

Autumn term is a History focus; spring term is a Design Technology, Art and Design, Expressive Arts focus; summer term is a Geography focus. For each focus, we have a "Whole School Question" which we endeavour to answer.

English, Maths, Science, PSHE, RE, PE, Computing and Music are taught throughout the year.


Class teachers bring learning alive for children, translating plans into meaningful, memorable learning. We are currently working on further developing effective links between the expressive arts and English.


For further information on our curriculum, please look at our plans under each subject area and at topic overviews on class pages