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Phonics is a way of teaching children to read skillfully. We follow ‘Letters and Sounds’ as our progression document for the teaching of synthetic phonics. We incorporate the use of Jolly Phonics songs and actions to make it interactive and engaging for the children and use this as a way to remember each sound.


Children are taught to read the phoneme (sounds) that each letter makes and then identify the letter or combination of letters (graphemes) which make them eg. ‘ck’ ‘oo’, ‘sh’, ‘air’ etc when writing them down.


Children are taught to read words by breaking them down into their phonemes and then blending these together to read the whole word.


Children in Lower School have 20 minutes of daily phonics teaching. Reception and Year 1 also have additional afternoon sessions.


In Year 1 children have a statutory Phonics Screening Check which consists of 40 real and pseudo words. Children use their decoding skills to read these. Children who do not meet the required standard in Year 1 will re-take this again in Year 2.