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Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage 


Miss Telling and Miss Cooper welcome you to FS2 page. 


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Home Learning Monday 11th January 2021

Good Morning Everyone,

This week is Arts week. We are focusing on the Artist Ana Maria Edulescu and texture.


Look at the attached PowerPoint to learn about the Artist we are looking at. There are pictures and questions to create discussion about texture and her paintings. Discuss these with your adult.

  • What colours does she use?
  • Are her paintings the same? Why are they different?
  • How does she create texture in her paintings?


Watch Numberblocks- Series 3- Fruit Salad- BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 3: Fruit Salad

Focus on the numbers 2 and 3. How can we make these numbers using our fingers?

Draw 2 circles and count out the right number of objects (these can be anything that you have- pencils, raisins, blocks). How many objects are in each circle e.g. 2 and 1, the total is 3. We can say 2 add 1 equal 3. Recap the symbols to show this +/=. Children to write the numbers in each group or write the number sentence. Can they read it back to you?


Collect several objects from around your home- these could be a fluffy teddy, a brush, Lego etc. Place them into a bag or under a blanket. Take it in turns to describe one of the objects to your grown up/sibling. Can they guess which one you are describing? Can you guess what they are describing? Draw some pictures into your book about what you described. Can you add the labels on the words you used. A grown up can help you with this!

  • I can feel something that it bumpy. It has edges.
  • I can feel something that is soft and fluffy.

Monday 11th January Arts Week PowerPoint

2020 - 2021


Term 1


We are now in full time! Please see Tapestry for daily learning and the attached files below for information on our curriculum and how to support at home. 


Term 2


This term we are focussing on different celebrations and special events. We will look at firework night, Diwali, Remembrance Day and Christmas. We will talk about how we celebrate and experience them and then compare similarities and differences,