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Useful Information; including COVID-19 and Risk Assessments

Poster for online youth club


Thank you to all parents and carers who have continued to keep us updated if your child or their household has Covid-19 symptoms or a positive LFD test, this is really helping us to keep everyone as safe as we can.


The information below is a reminder about LFD and PCR tests:


Confirmatory PCR test after a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test

LFD tests are most effective when detecting infectious cases of COVID-19. They identify people with a high viral load who are the most likely to spread the virus further. LFD tests detect the virus in people without symptoms so each positive case we find is one that would have gone otherwise undetected. These tests are proving to be accurate and reliable and, where used appropriately and in the correct way, they will continue to help us to break chains of the transmission and save lives.


Anyone who tests positive using an LFD test will be asked to take a confirmatory follow-up PCR test. It remains essential that anyone who gets a positive LFD result self-isolates immediately, along with other members of their household, pending the confirmatory PCR result. You should arrange your confirmatory PCR immediately and only leave home for your follow-up test. For the fastest result, we suggest you book a PCR test at a test site. You can also book a home test online or call 119 to book a test.


A PCR test will confirm if you have been affected by COVID-19 and reduce unnecessary self-isolation by you and your household. If you then receive a negative result from the PCR, and the PCR test was taken within 2 days of the LFD, then you and your contacts will be informed that you can cease self-isolating.

Individuals who test negative from an LFD test will not need to isolate or take a confirmatory PCR test.



Mrs Caroline Polley


The presentation on the link below is from Swindon Healthy Schools and is a summary and reminder of the key Public Health messaging to prevent the spread  of the Covid Virus and how young people can help protect friends, family and the community over half term.

The presentation also includes information on some simple strategies students can use to stay healthy, positive and mindful of their wellbeing.

You may wish to share with your children.

COVID-19 Risk Assessments


Are you a parent/carer of a child with SEND?

This term we are re-launching our SEND Parent/Carer coffee mornings. These will take place in our new Well-Being Centre and will take the form of a relaxed, informal support group run by parents, for parents. They will be run by Lucy Simoncsics, a parent herself, who also has experience of working at Koalas SEND Pre-School and as a volunteer with Swindon Advocacy Movement. Mrs Smith (formally Mrs Clegg) will also be on-hand for advice and support if needed. Mr Williams is the SEND Governor.

Our first group will be on Thursday 12th December at 9am (we'll provide the mince pies!).

We look forward to seeing you there.

Helping your child with English