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The Humanities form the focus for themed learning for children. Our whole school, year group and termly learning sequences enable children to gain geographical knowledge and skills alongside making meaningful links with other subjects. Children learn about local, National and global places and the relationships between people and environments.


  • To inspire pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the world and its people and how the interaction between people and places shapes the world we live in and protects world environments for the future.
  • To enable children to gain geographical knowledge and skills.
  • To enable children to learn about local, national and global places.


  • The National Curriculum provides the basis for our studies, with the curriculum being personalised to the needs of our pupils and the location of our school.
  • Field work is an important aspect of geographical studies and is carried out both locally and further afield.


In doing so taking a cross curricular approach to our teaching of the humanities (Geography and History). We are linking our geography and history skills in thematic studies that span the whole year rather than focusing on them in intense termly studies. This will enable the children to broaden their understanding of these skills and deepen their understanding of our past and the world around us. Below is an overview of the progression of skills to be taught throughout each key stage and each year group.

Progression of Skills Key Stage 1

Progression of Skills Key Stage 2