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Covingham Park Primary School

Football at CPPS 2023-24

Mixed team results 2023-24

East League:

Colebrook v Covingham W 1-4 (Isaac 2, Sidney 2)

Covingham v Goddard Park W 11-2 (Isaac 4, Larry 2, Ollie 2, Daniel, Bobby, Leo)

Grange v Covingham W 0-5 (Isaac, Sidney, Raul, Larry 2)

St Catherine's v Covingham W 1-4 (Isaac, Leo, Sidney, Raul)

Covingham v Nythe W 19-0 (Leo, Sidney 3, Daniel 3, Larry 3, Ollie, Bobby 2, Raul, Isaac 5)

Covingham v Holy Family W 5-0 (Larry, Ollie, Daniel, Leo, Bobby)

Liden v Covingham W 1-4 (Isaac, Sidney, Leo, Ollie)

Covingham v South Marston W (Team dropped out of the league)

Covingham v Ruskin W 5-3 (Isaac 2, Larry, Sidney, Leo)


1st round: Covingham v The Croft W 5-0 (Raul 2, Leo, Isaac, Daniel)

2nd round: Tregoze v Covingham W 0-8 (Isaac 2, Sidney, Larry, Flynn, Ollie, Daniel, Bobby)

3rd round: Covingham v Bridlewood W 5-0 (Larry 2, Isaac 2, Sidney)

QF: Covingham v Wanborough W 4-0 (Sidney 2, Isaac, Daniel)

SF: Covingham v St Marys W 3-0 (Isaac 3)

F: Covingham v Liden W 2-0 (Isaac, Sidney)

Schools' Cup

Covingham v Brookfield W 4-1 (Sidney 2, Isaac 2)

Covingham v Even Swindon W 4-0 (Leo, Sidney, Larry, Isaac)

Covingham v Goddard Park W 3-0 (Raul, Ollie, Isaac)

Covingham v Drove W 4-0 (Ollie 2, Daniel, Isaac)


Covingham v St. Mary's W 1-0 (Larry)


Covingham v Southfield W 0-0 (4-2 on pens)

Utilita Kids Cup Final

Covingham v Tadpole Farm W 6-1 (Isaac 3, Sidney, Leo, Daniel)