Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Covingham Park Primary School


History Intent

At Covingham Park we would like children to know and question what impact historical events and people have had on our culture and lives today.

History is the study of people and places from times other than ‘now’. It is an investigation of how lifestyles and places have changed over time, a development of chronological understanding and the scrutiny of evidence that exists from different times.

We believe History is important because:

  1. It is a body of knowledge essential to our understanding of the world around us;
  2. The skills and knowledge of history have wide application in everyday life;
  3. Historical awareness is a prerequisite for responsible participation in society.

History Implementation

At Covingham children are taught that history is the process of enquiry (searching for evidence, evaluating evidence, interpretation and weighing of different sorts of evidence). They are taught to use imaginative reconstruction – evidence is nearly always incomplete and calls for interpretation, speculation and hypothesising. They have chances to describe and explain the past based on a hypothesis reached through examination of evidence, NOT presenting the past as a series of facts or uncontested truths.

At Covingham Park we have taken a cross curricular approach to our teaching of the humanities  (Geography and History). We are linking our geography and history skills in thematic studies that span the whole year rather than focusing on them in intense termly studies. This will enable the children to broaden their understanding of these skills and deepen their understanding of our past and the world around us. Below is an overview of the progression of skills to be taught throughout each key stage and each year group.