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Welcome To Our New Website!
Covingham Park Primary School

Religion and World Views


Our RWV curriculum at Covingham Park Primary School promotes respect and open-mindedness towards others with different faiths, beliefs and worldviews whilst encouraging our pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging.

We strive to inspire our pupils to ask significant and highly reflective questions about religion and worldviews whilst helping them to discover their own ideas and beliefs. Above all, we want our pupils to develop a respect for other religions and worldviews, whilst appreciating and celebrating the diversity of our school and the diverse world in which they live.

Our RWV curriculum is interwoven and supplemented by our school’s Values, the British values and the focus on the child’s spiritual and moral development. 


  • At Covingham Park Primary School, RWV is taught in weekly lessons.
  • We have chosen to use the Swindon Agreed syllabus as the principle aim of this curriculum ‘is to engage pupils in systematic enquiry into significant human questions which religion and worldviews address, so that they can develop the understanding and skills needed to appreciate and appraise varied responses to these questions, as well as develop responses of their own’.
  • From the agreed syllabus we have chosen to teach the following religions as these represent our school community as well as adding to our diversity:
    - EYFS/KS1- Multiple religions including Christianity and Islam
    - KS2- Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and non-religious beliefs such as Humanism.
  • SEN pupils are supported through differentiated adult support and the use of supportive images, resources and artefacts.
  • Our children regularly visit the local Church to support their learning of the Christian faith and to celebrate festivals.
  • Although we teach our children these different faiths, beliefs and worldviews, we aim for our children to be reflective in their own beliefs and encourage them to develop these throughout their time with us at Covingham Park Primary School.


We believe high quality learning in RWV has been achieved when pupils extend their knowledge and understanding of religions and worldviews and can offer their own thoughtful and informed insights whilst reflecting on their own beliefs. They can also explore ultimate questions of beliefs and values in relation to a range of contemporary issues in an ever-changing society.

This will be evident through pupil’s engagement in lessons, sharing and talking enthusiastically about different faiths and views and when they demonstrate tolerance towards others who are different to themselves. Class workbooks will provide evidence of children’s learning and teachers will make assessments at the end of each unit.

The impact of our RWV curriculum will be overseen by Miss Davis (the subject leader) through learning walks, team teaching, book looks, pupil and staff voice, planning feedback, and ongoing data analysis.

Our leader for RWV is Miss Stacey Davis. If you would like to know more about RE teaching, please ask at the school office. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE lessons if they wish.

RE Teaching and Learning