Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Covingham Park Primary School


Mrs Andrews


Mrs  Crabbe

Mrs Crabbe

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs  Smith

Mrs Smith

SEND Co-ordinator and SLT

Class Teachers

Foundation Stage

Miss  Cooper

Miss Cooper

Ash Class

Mrs  Rawlins

Mrs Rawlins

Oak Class

Year 1

Miss Spavins

Beech Class

Miss  Brown

Miss Brown

Cherry Class

Year 2

Mrs  Sawyer

Mrs Sawyer

Willow Class

Miss  Davis

Miss Davis

Elm Class

Year 3

Miss Patten

Birch Class

Mrs  Jerram

Mrs Jerram

Cedar Class

Year 4

Miss Porter

Aspen Class

Mrs  Rice

Mrs Rice

Hazel Class

Year 5

Ms  Wood

Ms Wood

Rowan Class

Miss  Little

Miss Little

Maple Class

Year 6

Miss  Gunning

Miss Gunning

Sycamore Class

Mr  McKinnon

Mr McKinnon

Sequoia Class

PPA Cover Teachers

Mrs  Smith

Mrs Smith

Mrs  Cox

Mrs Cox


Mrs  Newbury

Mrs Newbury

Teaching Assistants

Foundation Stage

Mrs  Long

Mrs Long

Ms  Phillips

Ms Phillips

Mrs  Turnmore

Mrs Turnmore

Year 1

Mrs  Lewington

Mrs Lewington

Mrs  Robbins

Mrs Robbins

Mrs  Port

Mrs Port

Year 2

Mrs  Blackwell

Mrs Blackwell

Mrs  Phillips

Mrs Phillips

Mrs  Hamilton

Mrs Hamilton

Year 3

Mrs  Simpkins

Mrs Simpkins

Mrs  Cox

Mrs Cox

Year 4

Miss  Goodwin

Miss Goodwin

Mrs  Dredge

Mrs Dredge

Year 5

Mrs  Honor

Mrs Honor

Mrs  Divine

Mrs Divine

Year 6

Mrs  Doult

Mrs Doult

Miss  Heath

Miss Heath

Mrs  Rogers

Mrs Rogers

Office Staff

Mrs  Bacon

Mrs Bacon

Business Manager

Mrs  Michael

Mrs Michael


Mrs  Hurley

Mrs Hurley


Site Managers

Mr  Black

Mr Black

Mr  Gascoigne

Mr Gascoigne